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December 12, 2006

Google Office, Server Edition?

The Korea Times reports that Google discussed the possibility of buying ThinkFree, a subsidiary of a Korean company. ThinkFree is a software that wants to emulate Microsoft Office.

* ThinkFree Office is a commercial cross-platform application, that includes: Write (word processor), Calc (spreadsheet) and Show (presentation). The suite also has an iPod edition.

* ThinkFree Online is a free version of these applications that works similar to Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

* ThinkFree Server is "a web-based, server-hosted office suite which allows users to edit and create word documents, spreadsheets, and presentation files anytime, anywhere".

I think the most interesting ThinkFree component is the server edition, that could allow Google to create something like Google Search Appliance / Google Mini, or to enhance the two boxes. A server edition for Google Office will be much interesting for organizations, as they don't want to lose control over their information.

"ThinkFree chief Kang [Tae-jin] plans to take a flight to the United States this week, and he may meet with Google officials there to discuss a deal."

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